Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where Has The Time Gone.

It has literally been over a year now since I have posted.
S much has changed, so much is the same. Instead of posting a huge list of everything that has right and terribly wrong in the last year I will slowly trickle out the information.
Why return to blogging today? I am bored. I am frustrated. I am in a mood. I am lonely. I miss Massachusetts I think. I don't even know what it is. I wish it would rain.
As you can see this mood is all about me and I am not happy today.
Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Friday, February 4, 2011

There's life Jim but not as we know it...

Today I actually dragged my ass to the gym. I think the impending idea of putting on a dress has motivated me to get going. Either that or that fact that I have gone up a size. Anyway, I am trying to get the poundage back down just 10 lbs. It has not been easy, I think my new job is bringing me down so I tend to eat more now. Plus the food in the house is so yummy and rich that I am just packing on weight.
I have seen a few episodes of the show HEAVY and it really drives home the fact that weight is just something that can so easily get out of control. Not that I think my issue is that extreme. I just feel so badly for the people and root for them to get healthy. Yet realize that sitting my ass on the couch is the perfect way to get in trouble.
I try to complain on this blog and leave you more with my witty musings but man I need to find a new job. I need freedom on weekends, spending cash, sleep!
Well without having told you anything about what's going on I have told you a lot.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Adventurous Eating

One awesome thing about my job is the food I am being exposed to.
Being a wanna be foodie I am well aware of the different varieties of cuisine and many different cooking techniques there are.

My new employer is a chef with the kitchen and pantry (gadgets too) of any professional chef. One of my favorite past-times is wandering up and down the pantry (which is bigger than my kitchen) looking at all the gadgets and tools.
I love recognizing what they are and actually knowing what they do.

So far I have been treated to Mashed Potatoes with shaved White Truffles ...(look up those suckers)
and Iberico de Bellota which is a wild acorn fed black pig. Basically the Kobe of Pork.

So tasty.

New Place

See I promised cheerier. Here are some pics of new place.

New Year New Home New State New Job

Well since I have last posted pretty much everything in my life but Christopher has changed.
I am now living in PA in a townhouse with Chris.
New job. Older girls.
No friends. I think that is what I am dwelling on this week. I really have a better understanding of what my friend was talking about when she married and moved farther north. She felt like she had lost all her friends. I get it.
I feel it. I think I am wrestling with the fact that maybe I was not so important in peoples lives as I thought I was.
No, I am not depressed but yes I have the amazing ability of over analyzing. I think I am just hurt.
For example I got an email requesting photos for a friend to use on their holiday card. So Chris and I spent about an hour all told getting the pictures there. And did we even get a card from that person, NO. WTF.
I am sure it was an oversight but an already sensitive person like myself is gonna take that and run.

But if I think about it I suppose it goes both ways. I need to keep in better contact as well.
I am just having a pity party today.


Next post will be brighter and cheerier I promise.

Friday, March 19, 2010

At Long Last...

Well really I have been horrible about posting. I feel like life is zooming by and I am hanging on for the ride.
The past few months have been both wonderful and horrible. But, I suppose that is how life is.
I will post a few pictures from the past couple of months.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

When good Girls Get Bored

Ok, Ms. Danielle and I were messing about with photo booth. You get to see the wondrous creation